June 30, 2011

Baggage Handler 57 - update

 So, I know it's just little details, but this REALLY IS what makes a bike kick-ass instead of a regular bike. The Baggage Handler 57 is all about hauling your crap. That is why I welded the baskets on instead of making them removable. If they could come off... it would just be some long beach cruiser.. boring.

Added a second kickstand and FEET to handle heavy loads in the dirt. Yes.

Metal plate for frame (did I mention that I LOVE my plasma cutter?)

Baskets and giant rack are part of the frame. Note rings for securing loads!

The two FEET for holding it up.

Why just weld when you can doodle?
Bottom of the foot for tread. Thank you Rick Kistler for showing welding dots
to Duane Flatmo who showed me. Welding dots = cool.
I know this seems slow going, but you are going to flip out after you see the next one I'm making. I just got hooked up with EIGHT FEET of plastic storm drain that is 36" inside Diam. (Thanks Rob!) AND, I have a shipment of bike parts coming next week that will fill in some big gaps. AND Eric brought a few more bikes by... and so it goes.

June 19, 2011

Baggage Handler 57 - almost done!

So, the idea here was to make a bike that could haul stuff. Still building a platform for the back and will probably add a basket on the front too.

24" cruiser, cut in half.

I just love to dangle bikes from the rafters!
Another cut up frame and more danglers!
It already has tabs! So, I HAD TO make a new piece... what to paint it...

Extra sprocket for a tight, long chain. Placement of first baskets.
Rideable, but not done yet. This week I should get back to it!

June 13, 2011

Murder? No, it's recycling!

"Tall Bike 57" is on the road, no brakes yet. Let me know if you want some.
All right, I am deep into the build. I got a tall bike finished. And there are two "carriers" in the works. I just got 21 lbs of chromoly from Spruce Aircraft ($150) to make super strong / light recumbent seats for at least 3 machines I haven't even thought of yet and other structural frame stuff. My biggest issue right now is I went through about 8 tires and 4 tubes trying to get ONE GOOD tire put together. Any 26" tires & tubes are welcomed! And I need "magic" parts that take too much time to build on my schedule. So, here is where the fun starts, again.

The Evil Eye is about to go onto the chopping block. Who cares, right? Well, a little history and at least you'll know what your bike came from...

Climbing Dead Mans, the start of it anyway, with My lovely Pit Crew, Acacia & Erin, 2004.
Me and the Evil Eye in Humboldt Bay, 2004
The Evil Eye was my first Kinetic Sculpture Race Machine, 2004. I ended up Acing the race and winning 3rd place engineering. So, what did I do? I cut it up and repurposed it for Burning Man.
The Evil Eye, chopped / stacked with a bike rear that would fail later at BM 2004
The first round broke and Don Cain, founder of the DSC, welded a scooter to the back and drove it around all week. At home, the "cheese" was removed and the rear end was replaced with a motorcycle rear. And a fire cannon / shopping cart / trailer was added (2005). I believe the Evil Eye, with the trailer, was the first PEDAL POWERED flame effect on the playa. But I'm sure someone had a candle, or a rag soaked in kerosene or something. I just never saw any BIG fire on a bike.

The Evil Eye version 4.0 with fire cannon trailer. 10 gallon capacity. Boom!
The LDL 2005, Kiki going for a ride, little did she know she would soon be the driver!
Then I made other stuff and the Evil Eye became Kiki's ride for a few years. She did well, but it is a heavy machine. 2010, I built Kiki a new ride and John Felts took over, cranking the Evil Eye all over the playa for 2010.

So, how will it flow... to someone else or into new bikes? There isn't much time, and I know the Evil Eye is solid. BUT, the Evil Eye is heavy and hard to pack around. So, if someone wants to buy the Evil Eye, as is (working perfectly) for about $1200.00, it's yours. I'll even throw in a fire cannon trailer if you want it! CONTACT ME FAST! Whenever I get around to it, I'm going to cut it up and add it's parts to at least 3 bikes / trikes. Then the offer is gone.

June 6, 2011

First bike - 90% done, second one started!

First machine - A tall bike. And the second will be a side hack, got the wheel ready for that one too. Enjoy!

Starting point - The bikes
After a couple hours of getting the parts together (stripping bikes) I strapped it to the rafters for a comp.
Strapped, note the pipe up the middle of all three forks to keep them in place / correct angle.
Welded, need a couple more braces and a chain. Brake adjustment & ready to roll!
And these are 24" wheels, not 26"...
Compared to a standard bike
Yes, you love the double bars too!
Bars for running on the ground and riding up high!

8" rim for the side hack. Don't want it to taco, so...

...adding a little metal...

...adding a little more, and some decorations...

Painted black and good to go!

 More bike fun in a week or so, now back to work!

June 4, 2011

Here we go! Repairing the Blue Belle

So, today I actually started with the bikes. A "quick fix" took most of the day, but I am ready to start rocking. Tomorrow will see some bikes cut into smaller parts, then I let reanimation kick in! The following photos are a repair to what I have been calling the "Blue belle" a dear bike to Melinda... with a broken fork....

The broken fork all ready to go. Bent, but I'll make it one!
Yeah, yeah, a little bulky, but I have a grinder....
Trying to find some bearings, there were none originally.
After a trip to the bike shop for enough loose bearing to do ONE side, I found the same size for the rest.
Full of grease and bearings, ready to go! And yes, the pink sketches will be bikes.
Since there were no bearings, the frame is ovaled out, assembled and ready for BONUS weld!
Frankenstein would be proud.
The deluxe paint booth!
Front wheel re-grease. Right is clean. left, oh, dirty!
Rear had a slow leak. New tube and electrical tape to cover the sharp spots!
The "Blue Belle" ready to rock!
Sweet fade out paint job! What can you do when the paint doesn't match??
So, the Blue Belle rides again. A total re-do to make it go AND stop. New brake pads from a donated OLD bike with the same parts. New brake cables, kick stand repair, fender mount screws replaced with the REAL DEAL, crank pins tightened to get rid of SOME of the "clunk", and an over-all adjustment of nuts / bolts to make it TIGHT... like a tiger.

Okay Melinda, she's ready for a spin!

An amazing illustration from the bike owner, M. R. Barnadas, glad to have her ride back! Thanks!
See more of Melinda's amazing art / sculpture / projects at her sites:
www.collectivemagpie.org and www.magpiestudioarts.com - Woo hoo!