March 28, 2012

Never a waste of time

Building stuff is fun. Stupid stuff is even more funner. See? That was stupid and it was more funner already. Making things that I THINK will work is always a good use of my time. When they don't work, it just ends up spawning some other stupid idea. And sometimes, THAT works! Here is a great example.

Acacia's trike, The Crusher, was a little too wobbly because (apparently) it's hard to make a 41.5" wheel stable when you poke it way out off the back of a single wheel drive trike. Who knew? So, I cut it off. And then made a bike out of it.

Here is The Crusher BEFORE, the after photo will have to come later.
The Crusher, with the ass removed.
The Ass. Ready to be a front.
About to become the new ass.
New rear in place, ring for steering - I'm going to try it right on the fork this time... low!
Another view.
This was eventually welded in - but I got bored. So...
This bike is a total pile. Rusted chain, Random attachments, basket, broken spokes, etc. Time to die.

Remove the fork and with a little welding (3 tubes & handlebars) I got this!

Yes, I rode it around and my son, Vance, thinks it's hilarious.
My wife only hates me a little. I'll fix a few details and this will be a sweet ride!
And so there ya go. Chopping up one thing makes parts for another. I'll get my wife's trike back in shape pretty quick and I have another carcass of a trike (The Evil Eye) I should be getting back on the road too... Until next time! Rock on - Scotty C.