April 8, 2011

Win a Mutant of your OWN!

Do you live in San Diego, CA? Can you get a bike here? Then you're in luck! Give me your bike and you'll have a chance to win a MUTANT BIKE, maybe made with SOME hacked off piece of your old "Cutters" 10-speed or rust bucket, playafied mountain bike.

Send me an email and we'll work it out. I am planning to get bikes Sunday, April 10th and again April 17. Partial bikes can count too, a couple frame / forks and a wheel or two would be good for an entry!

More info....

THE PLAN: I need bikes. Broken bikes. Working bikes. Mountain bikes <---- the best / most useful. Kids bikes. 10-speeds. Unicycles, anything with spoked wheels. Even if it's been run over by a car, there are many pieces that can be reworked into a fun ride! Have an old Burning Man bike that has a solid, rusted in place chain and the wheels don't roll? Dump it on me! I can make it live again in a Mutant Bike somehow.

WHY GIFT A BIKE TO ME?: Well, you won't have to mow around it anymore. And you can free up some space in the garage for more fire cannons. AND, I'm going to make it into something better. I guarantee every Mutant Bike will be more dangerous than it was when it came in. Uglier and harder to ride. It might take 3-4 bikes to make one that's the sort of thing you'd want to ride at Burning Man, that's just how it goes.  And here's some Mutant Bikes I've made... I really can do this... http://www.sideshowdesign.com/metal.html 

IT'S NOT BARTER, REALLY!: I like to gift, but I can't gift if I don't have bikes to make bikes. So, here's the deal. Every bike YOU gift to me, gets your name in the "Mutant Bike Labs Raffle". I make a bunch of bikes from whatever I get, you win, you pick which one you want. That simple. I will then offer the rest up at some sort of reasonable prices. I am guessing $150-$350 depending on, well, mostly what it costs me. Trying to recoup for some time, materials and creativity! In the end, I am hoping a bunch of San DIego burners will have as much fun as I have cruising around on idiotic bikes & trikes at Burning Man. Who knows, you might get one just for trading in that rusting playa bike in your yard.

Shoot me an email... If you have a photo of the bike, that is great, but don't let it hold you back. I would LOVE IT if people could drop them off. I live in Serra Mesa, the area North of Qualcomm Stadium. I'll send a Google Map link if you have a bike to drop off! But, I know that may not be possible for everyone. I do have a truck and trailer so I can pick up 1 - 40 bikes if that's what you have. I will schedule a pick up day for everyone who can't drop by, Sunday April 10th is looking good right now! So, please contact me quick!

PAYBACK / RAFFLE (NO - IT'S A GIFT!): First week or two of August, I'll bring all the bikes somewhere where so you can ride them around. We pick a name from a hat, winner picks the one they want. The rest will be for sale right there, you may leave with a fun new playa bike / trike / side-hack!

THANK YOU! I couldn't do this without your help!
Scott Cocking aka Scotty C.
Liquid DIet Lounge, Department of Spontaneous Combustion, Inferknow, P-Cubed Oasis & Mutant Bike Labs