October 24, 2012

It has a name: Sleepy Hollow

It took Halloween to inspire a name. A dusty, Sleepy Hollow.
This ride has been to Burning Man and back. Made in San Diego from the back half of my wife's huge trike, The Crusher, and now living in Humboldt County. Riding around on errands a couple days ago, I got woots, waves and a bunch of thumbs up. I guess it's a keeper. Next up, I guess I'll need to make a name plate of some sort. And wash it.

Do you think the cops will count those as lights if I have candles in there?


  1. Hi...Greetings from the UK..
    I love these images..great shots..
    I have only just discovered your blog and have joined as a follower...
    I would like to invite you to visit my own blog at purpletraveller.blogspot.co.uk and if interested perhaps you would follow me too...
    Look forward to seeing more on your blog in the future..

  2. I seen you riding this at Burning Man this year! Freaky Sweet!

  3. I'm not washing the dust off my bikes!