October 23, 2011

Mutant 57 project COMPLETE!

By complete, I mean, I don't own ANY of the 8 bikes. So, where'd they go? Here's the breakdown... in the order they left me... pleasant travels...

Cool Hack 57 - Won in the raffle - Lives in San Diego with Eric
Colt 57 - Bought - Lives in San Diego ALSO with Eric
Ugly One Night Stand (45) - Sold to Burning Man Ranger - Lives in San Diego
57 Magnum - Gifted to Anthony (Pablo's little brother) at Burning Man,
bike now lives in LA

PeeWee 57 - Lost to Whiskey Drome @ Great Handcar Regatta
I said (holding bike over my head): If you can ride this around the drome twice, you can keep it! - They did.
Buckshot 57 - I removed the side wheel and made it a regular tall bike. Worked Great.
Gifted to Alan Conrad - he NEEDED this bike. Lives in San Diego.
Tan-Dumb 57 - Donated to an auction to raise money for Shrine.
He was in a nasty car crash, and unlike Congress, he didn't have health insurance.
Baggage Handler 57 - Also donated to the Shrine auction. He could still use your help.
This bike hauled 10 bags / 2 blocks of ice with room left over. Bye friend!

Baggage Handler 57 detail - seemed appropriate for the cause.... wishing Shrine a speedy recovery!