July 19, 2013

Machine SALE! Put one under your butt.

If you think you might want to own one of these "purpose focused" machines (aka: Burning Man rides) I made a store: THE STORE!  (More photos on Flickr)

Sleepy Hollow is not pictured here... scroll down or go to the store! Rock on.

Feel free to contact me with any questions: Scotty C.

May 3, 2013

UPDATE: We won the Mediocre Award for coming in dead middle -- Special thanks to Big Jawn De La PEX for coming over from Philly to help finish the build (done 5pm the day before the race) and for pedaling most of the way!

Race photos: Day 1 | Day 1&2 | Day 3 

More links to stuff here: The Kinetic Lab

Here's the quick way to see the New Machine for Kinetics - being built now...photos and some text (and my awesome son)... INSTAGRAM!

Here is a place to help our team by getting some "Mutant Bike Lab" gear and links to photos and history....

The Kinetic Lab (in Arcata, CA)

Has to be DONE by May 25th before noon.