July 26, 2011

Cool-Hack 57

One more done! This is a side-hack with a cooler for the side car (cooler not included!) It may be able to have an umbrella added too. There are a few spots a patio umbrella MAY fit. Anyway, here it is!
This is how it starts! Strip a couple frames and set it up.

The solid kids wheel I made for a hack getting in there... finally!

Kids fork welded into frame so the width is right.

Trying out scraps to see what reaches / fits.

Getting closer...

Commit! Cut / weld / decorate!

Step one, good!

Cut what's in the way for now, I can cut the rest later!

Ding! 57 nail in place!

Fancy connection corner. Don't let this crash into you!

Skipped a few steps, here it is with the handlebar deck!

Some more fun with the welder.

I taped out all the cool graphics on the original bikes.

Another confusing photo of the frame...

Done! Has brakes and 5 speed.

There are loads of places to strap the cooler when it goes in for real!

Not so hot for a passenger, but they could sit on the cooler if you feel like pedaling all that weight around!
I have a small pair of optional kids handlebars that fit on the side hack for looks, a small "flag pole" if you want that sort of thing too. But, the Cooler bike should at least have a cooler! Will be great for getting Ice without losing too much.

July 19, 2011

PeeWee & The Friendly Chopper

Okay, I know I haven't updated in a couple weekends... I know, shocking for a blog right??

So, here are a couple updates for you at once... The PeeWee 57... HOW TO:
Put little wheels on a regular bike.
Move cranks up so the pedals clear when you actually pedal, but barely.
Smash a "57" spike in it to stay on theme.
Paint it mostly black, add a vintage book rack and comfy bars.

And a red reflector for the front to finish it off!
And the "Friendly Chopper 57" technically a chopper tandem, but I think it will take some blood and tears to find two people who can ride it well enough to go buy beer.
Strip a kids mountain bike for the new "fork".

Grab a bike that works perfectly fine as-is. (We'll have NONE of that!)

Grab a front wheel off a little girl bike, with moon discs.

Add a rusty fender you found in a creek bed, then weld = fun!

Cover open frame sections with fun shapes! It's a star mommy!

Stare at the forks until you THINK you can add another place to ride!

Make your wife test ride it, just in case.

When she rocks it and laughs at you, consider it a success!
Paint it mostly black. Pretend you bought it at Wal-Mart... on sale.

Star, beer holder and "57" spike in frame.
Fun and FUN.. more to come!