January 12, 2012

The Evil Eye ~ Chopped up... again.

... But if I bring it back, is it technically a ZOMBIE bike? I sure hope so.

I know this is too many photos, but it is the last time it will ever look like this, actually, it doesn't look like this now. So, there ya go. Enjoy!
Evil Eye as it was for the last 3 years.... 6...

... 5 ...

... 4 ...

... 3 ...

... 2 ...

... 1 ... CUT!
And now the extra frame bits, that don't hold anything important together come off... I forgot the seat was some plastic chair from a school... what a pile!
Stage one: remove layers of crappy seat so I can see where to cut it!

Same, but a side view.

Start cutting real stuff off... back basket, gone.
Seat gone!

Steering wheel and BIG frame chunks... GONE!

What's left for now... ... 3 ...

... 2 ...

... 1 ...
Here is the pile of crap every rider had to bring along that they MAYBE did not need...
Yes, this was a trike.

YES, this held SOMETHING together! Not needed.

This too! Again, not needed. About 5 lbs.

Steering will go back in a new location.
And one last shot...
My genius son licking his mom's nose because I asked him to and he knows it's funny.

The Original Evil Eye Build!

With a $5 bet from Ken Beidleman and another $5 bet from Duane Flatmo, I joined the Kinetic ranks of "people who make stuff" to try to win $10... Here is how it went...

Photos from May 12th, 2004:
The rear wheel transforms from a street wheel (shown) to a mud and paddle wheel with a few extra parts!

Holes everywhere to lose weight, still pretty heavy.

Frame geometry is wrong here, it will get cut & fixed later!

Pretty boxy, but hey, I made it on a couple of saw horses!
 May 14th, 2004 photos:

Note the frame has been cut in the middle to lose rake on the front end for sharper turning.

Closed cell foam from Wing to wrap around wheel frame for a BIG FAT sand tire.

One side ready-ish. One to go!

Kicking around steering ideas. Eventually an off-the-shelf $25 steering wheel proved the best solution.

May 18th, progress photos:

Starting the cables to make the steering... well... steer.

Wind in / wind out.

Looks pretty simple, right?

We all have a photography student inside waiting to get out, right? Foam wheels.

A bunch of work, but it worked. 

May 18th, 2004. Go go go....

Rear brakes. Handle by the seat pulls the drum, slows you down... some.

Once this gets covered, it isn't half bad! Big black seat on a school chair.

Steering wheel in place and making cables go in-and-out! Yeah!
May 22, 2004 -
Pretty much ready to race.. paddles in place on paddle wheel.

Notice it is REALLY dark, this is how it goes for most builders, I found out later.

Transmission and paddle wheel.

More drive train fun. The fat chain has a high and low gear, depending on the gears it sits on.
Memorial Day Weekend (May), 2004 - Race ready! Day one:

So evil! Ready to go with all my stuff on board, nice boxers too, eh?
Starting Up Deadman's - a load of work, but I made it!
Paddle wheel working great!
That was it for the photos. Made it to Cannibal Island (Crab Park) for a nice break on beach after a long day and several flat rear tires. Thank you pit crew (Acacia) for the slime tubes! Made it across and up the slough to Ferndale, rode in on a flat tire, but hey, pedaled it all.

In the end, I received a 3rd place Engineering Award and an ACE on my first machine! Pretty happy because I also won $10.

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