June 4, 2011

Here we go! Repairing the Blue Belle

So, today I actually started with the bikes. A "quick fix" took most of the day, but I am ready to start rocking. Tomorrow will see some bikes cut into smaller parts, then I let reanimation kick in! The following photos are a repair to what I have been calling the "Blue belle" a dear bike to Melinda... with a broken fork....

The broken fork all ready to go. Bent, but I'll make it one!
Yeah, yeah, a little bulky, but I have a grinder....
Trying to find some bearings, there were none originally.
After a trip to the bike shop for enough loose bearing to do ONE side, I found the same size for the rest.
Full of grease and bearings, ready to go! And yes, the pink sketches will be bikes.
Since there were no bearings, the frame is ovaled out, assembled and ready for BONUS weld!
Frankenstein would be proud.
The deluxe paint booth!
Front wheel re-grease. Right is clean. left, oh, dirty!
Rear had a slow leak. New tube and electrical tape to cover the sharp spots!
The "Blue Belle" ready to rock!
Sweet fade out paint job! What can you do when the paint doesn't match??
So, the Blue Belle rides again. A total re-do to make it go AND stop. New brake pads from a donated OLD bike with the same parts. New brake cables, kick stand repair, fender mount screws replaced with the REAL DEAL, crank pins tightened to get rid of SOME of the "clunk", and an over-all adjustment of nuts / bolts to make it TIGHT... like a tiger.

Okay Melinda, she's ready for a spin!

An amazing illustration from the bike owner, M. R. Barnadas, glad to have her ride back! Thanks!
See more of Melinda's amazing art / sculpture / projects at her sites:
www.collectivemagpie.org and www.magpiestudioarts.com - Woo hoo!

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  1. Well done Scotty "C"..!!

    That is a sweet photo with 'Ol Blue on that classic English looking stone path!