July 19, 2013

Machine SALE! Put one under your butt.

If you think you might want to own one of these "purpose focused" machines (aka: Burning Man rides) I made a store: THE STORE!  (More photos on Flickr)

Sleepy Hollow is not pictured here... scroll down or go to the store! Rock on.

Feel free to contact me with any questions: Scotty C.

May 3, 2013

UPDATE: We won the Mediocre Award for coming in dead middle -- Special thanks to Big Jawn De La PEX for coming over from Philly to help finish the build (done 5pm the day before the race) and for pedaling most of the way!

Race photos: Day 1 | Day 1&2 | Day 3 

More links to stuff here: The Kinetic Lab

Here's the quick way to see the New Machine for Kinetics - being built now...photos and some text (and my awesome son)... INSTAGRAM!

Here is a place to help our team by getting some "Mutant Bike Lab" gear and links to photos and history....

The Kinetic Lab (in Arcata, CA)

Has to be DONE by May 25th before noon.

October 24, 2012

It has a name: Sleepy Hollow

It took Halloween to inspire a name. A dusty, Sleepy Hollow.
This ride has been to Burning Man and back. Made in San Diego from the back half of my wife's huge trike, The Crusher, and now living in Humboldt County. Riding around on errands a couple days ago, I got woots, waves and a bunch of thumbs up. I guess it's a keeper. Next up, I guess I'll need to make a name plate of some sort. And wash it.

Do you think the cops will count those as lights if I have candles in there?

August 20, 2012

Ready for Burning Man 2012

So, I know these machines have been shown before, but the details keep getting better. Also, here is the RESULT after cutting off the 43 inch rear and going bike style on "The Crusher" It now has 3 baskets on the rear and should rock without a giant wobble. The whole gang will go faster now... watch out!

The Crusher - pretty tight! And it can carry MORE stuff!

The Crusher (Acacia's machine) Basket shot and new rear - done!

The other side.

And she wanted a skull...

All done, looks pretty okay to me!

All the machines ready to go (sans fire)

Skull added to the Throne Chair. Everybody gets some!

Skull #2 for the Throne Chair.

The Speeder already had a skull, so I gave Miller the... Jesus.

And the missing thing on the Speeder, was somewhere to put your Right hand when you're NOT drinking. Which is rare, but it does happen.

Mine (American Gothic) with new seat shirt and the Speeder.

Detail of my new skull. 

Ace & Kiki's rides, ready to roll.

The Crusher & The Throne Chair with Acacia & Vance in the background, checking the Fun Runner.

Detail of my bike - I don't remember adding this, but there it is.

Best use of a Threadless shirt, ever.

Representing and Skull #2 peeking out.

And I taught her how to dangle...

March 28, 2012

Never a waste of time

Building stuff is fun. Stupid stuff is even more funner. See? That was stupid and it was more funner already. Making things that I THINK will work is always a good use of my time. When they don't work, it just ends up spawning some other stupid idea. And sometimes, THAT works! Here is a great example.

Acacia's trike, The Crusher, was a little too wobbly because (apparently) it's hard to make a 41.5" wheel stable when you poke it way out off the back of a single wheel drive trike. Who knew? So, I cut it off. And then made a bike out of it.

Here is The Crusher BEFORE, the after photo will have to come later.
The Crusher, with the ass removed.
The Ass. Ready to be a front.
About to become the new ass.
New rear in place, ring for steering - I'm going to try it right on the fork this time... low!
Another view.
This was eventually welded in - but I got bored. So...
This bike is a total pile. Rusted chain, Random attachments, basket, broken spokes, etc. Time to die.

Remove the fork and with a little welding (3 tubes & handlebars) I got this!

Yes, I rode it around and my son, Vance, thinks it's hilarious.
My wife only hates me a little. I'll fix a few details and this will be a sweet ride!
And so there ya go. Chopping up one thing makes parts for another. I'll get my wife's trike back in shape pretty quick and I have another carcass of a trike (The Evil Eye) I should be getting back on the road too... Until next time! Rock on - Scotty C.