July 26, 2011

Cool-Hack 57

One more done! This is a side-hack with a cooler for the side car (cooler not included!) It may be able to have an umbrella added too. There are a few spots a patio umbrella MAY fit. Anyway, here it is!
This is how it starts! Strip a couple frames and set it up.

The solid kids wheel I made for a hack getting in there... finally!

Kids fork welded into frame so the width is right.

Trying out scraps to see what reaches / fits.

Getting closer...

Commit! Cut / weld / decorate!

Step one, good!

Cut what's in the way for now, I can cut the rest later!

Ding! 57 nail in place!

Fancy connection corner. Don't let this crash into you!

Skipped a few steps, here it is with the handlebar deck!

Some more fun with the welder.

I taped out all the cool graphics on the original bikes.

Another confusing photo of the frame...

Done! Has brakes and 5 speed.

There are loads of places to strap the cooler when it goes in for real!

Not so hot for a passenger, but they could sit on the cooler if you feel like pedaling all that weight around!
I have a small pair of optional kids handlebars that fit on the side hack for looks, a small "flag pole" if you want that sort of thing too. But, the Cooler bike should at least have a cooler! Will be great for getting Ice without losing too much.

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