August 9, 2011

End of the Cycle - Wrapping it up..

As Stan Ridgway says: "The best laid plans, often go astray" and so it is with the LAST machine. Trying to make a "Sociable Tandem" TALL bike, I realized too late that it's just too much chopping to think they're gonna even be close to the same, let alone identical. HA! Tape on the floor has nothing on a real jig. And starting with two identical bikes may have helped, but I didn't do that either.

So, sorry to those who have to pick a bike from afar, the last bike(s) may not be done 'til the night before... but there will be a tall bike, probably one with training wheels too. And with no further delay, here's the last mishap, er, Mutant Bike Build of the 57 series!

Chopped up frame, figuring out filler.

The "guide" that was supposed to make 2 bikes pretty close. Fail.
The fancy stuff to make it work with just a longer chain.
Fancy fork welds!
Bars + 2 half bars = tall bars.

Tall bars + 2 drink holders = awesome.

Done and rides. Still no brakes..
SECOND tall bike. chopped and ready for filler...
Second frame "floating" on the bike stand - going much faster than the 1st!

This is where the magic happens.

And this is where the magic stops. The bikes were not even close, won't work for side by side steering. Damn.
These Golf Bag wheels will soon become Tall bike "training wheels" so at least you can stop and pose. 
This is my garage, right now. Can you count how many bikes trikes are in this photo? Ha!

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